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Thursday, August 18, 2022

The First Gay President?

True or false: If Pete Buttegeig becomes President, he will be America's first gay President. Answer: maybe. A book by Thomas Balcerski attempts to answer the question, was James Buchanan...

The Hum of the World

“Caliban hears the hum of the world.” Lawrence Kramer, Professor of English and Music at Fordham University, has written a book about what Caliban was able to hear. What was...

Deco Dandies: Frightening Beauty

The Deco dandy has finally got the attention he deserves. While most of the focus on lifestyle and fashion in the 1920s has been on the feminine, the role...

Failures of Philosophy

The world is becoming faster but less well-thought-out.  As such, the western hemisphere of the planet is a hemisphere of men and not of laws (principles); the Covid-19 pandemic,...

TRAITOR: from Benedict Arnold to now

The well-worn phrase “history repeats itself” is manifested over and over in David Rothkopf’s book, TRAITOR. Time and again the country has been riven with political polarization, deep and...

Nietzsche and I go to the twilight

Please respond with a faith-filled “I do”. Do you reject the academy? I do And all of its works? I do And all of its empty promises? I do Excellent then. We can...

Legal Knowledge in ancient Greece & Rome

Courtroom dramas did not begin with Perry Mason. The origins of the legal system used in most Western countries can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome, which...


“Those who desert the constitutional position handed down to them by their ancestors, and whose political conduct is oligarchic, should be deprived of the civic right to offer you...

Carlyle’s Essays

In his review of the 1821 book Metrical Legends by the poetess Joanna Baillie, the Scottish writer Thomas Carlyle delivers a sorry verdict. “On a first perusal, her Metrical...

In Search of the Soul

I have always believed that the easiest place to lose oneself is inside one’s own head; of course, it’s the only place to find one’s self too.  Or, at...
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Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo

“Our goal is to be a world-class zoo,” said Reid Park Zoo’s Deborah Carr, director of marketing and events. As she gave the Sun...

World Premiere in Tucson

written by Drs. C. Cunningham & M. Emanuele Gretchen Wirges brought her one-woman show to the Invisible Theatre this week, marking its world premiere. Entitled...

Arizona in Space

A 2-room exhibit at the Arizona History Museum, entitled Ready To Launch, is designed to show Arizona’s place in space. While it has elements of...