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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Mob Rule

This editorial is written by Sun News contributor Conlan Salgado The two most destructive forces in history are mobs and intellectuals. I understand that this is, indeed, a controversial saying,...

The Cause of Personality Disorders

This editorial is by Sun News Tucson contributor Mr. Conlan Salgado Humans are able to view themselves as metaphors by casting their consciousness out of their physical bodies. This I...

Many Lack Human Identity

I talked with God today.  He said he regretted his pledge to Noah not to exterminate Humanity again.  I offered to find him ten righteous people, but He said...

A Study on Sexual Assault

This article is by Sun News editorial writer Conlan Salgado. There is a new study published by Shamus Khan and Jennifer S. Hirsch about sexual assault.  It was carried in...

INSPIRATION: A Philosophic Inquiry

This article is written by Sun News contributor Conlan Salgado Man is misleading, and life is also misleading. I already believe this, and I have not had much experience with...


In my attempt to construct a “method of interpretation” for how civilization comes into being, I set forth four archetypes: the artist, the philosopher, the citizen, and the politician. ...

Do People Require Meaning?

This editorial is written by Sun News contributor Mr. Conlan Salgado The people of the world are the most miserable they have ever been. It is curious to an extent...

DEATH: Coming to a Theatre Near You !

This is by Sun News Editorial writer Conlan Salgado Theatre is not dead, but it is dying. In thirty years, cultural critics may have the unhappy duty of asking about...

A thousand ponds for Narcissus

I used to be impressed that there are so many narcissists, because the easiest person to hate in the world is oneself.  That is because you are constantly keeping...

Forms of Metaphor

This is the second in a series of philosophical essays by Mr. Conlan Salgado. A link to the first essay is included at the end of this piece. Now I...
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Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo

“Our goal is to be a world-class zoo,” said Reid Park Zoo’s Deborah Carr, director of marketing and events. As she gave the Sun...

World Premiere in Tucson

written by Drs. C. Cunningham & M. Emanuele Gretchen Wirges brought her one-woman show to the Invisible Theatre this week, marking its world premiere. Entitled...

Arizona in Space

A 2-room exhibit at the Arizona History Museum, entitled Ready To Launch, is designed to show Arizona’s place in space. While it has elements of...