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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Van Cliburn Gold Medallist Dazzles at Tucson Symphony

He won the gold medal at the 15th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in 2017. This weekend Yekwon Sunwoo dazzled an audience at the Music Hall of the Tucson...

The Most Addicting Instrument

“It is God's instrument. It is the most addicting instrument I have ever played; the most soothing, and at the same time exciting. Come along, I will help you...

World Premiere in Esperanto

It may not be a unique event, but certainly the premiere of a choral work for symphony orchestra in the Esperanto language is a great rarity. To have such...

A New Angle on La Bohème

La bohème operates on a dual level. The first two acts are full of joie de vivre and exhibit a carefree attitude to love and life that reflects the...

Brahms, Goethe and Beethoven

True Concord offered rarely performed work by Johannes Brahms, Alto Rhapsody, at a recent concert in Tucson. It was book-ended by two Beethoven pieces, the controversial Mass in C...

The Shadow of Beethoven

Even as he was about to play Concerto No. 2 for Piano by Saint-Saens, pianist Sean Chen spoke in some awe of Ludwig von Beethoven. “After Beethoven died in 1827...

Humanities Festival in Tucson

The 10th annual Tucson Humanities Festival (through the month of October and ending Nov. 1) will offer a range of talks and a film to explore how the humanities...

The State of Classical Music

At classical music concerts I attend, one thing is a constant: the age of the audience. Nearly everyone is 50-plus, with an emphasis on the 70-plus set. There are...

Beethoven on Nature

“All art constantly aspires to the condition of music.” So said the literary and art critic Walter Pater in 1888. But according to Beethoven, his 6th Symphony is “more...

Tanque Verde: Best Dude Ranch in Arizona

Whether you are getting married or just have an outdoor Cowboy BBQ, Tanque Verde Ranch at the far eastern point of Speedway Blvd. in Tucson has it all. And...
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The Integrated Man

Imagine there is a man without eyes; his world is a very strange world.  Though he cannot see it, the landscape is spanned by...

Fictions of Certitude

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Destroying the Covenant of Consciousness

The mob is now iconoclast.  It is a very frightening evolution point to have reached because iconoclasm always is the philosophy adopted just before...