The apse at Arcosanti will host a portion of the Convergence Festival

The annual Convergence Conference & Festival will be held at Arcosanti, north of Phoenix, from Oct. 11-13. As the conference website states, “At the core of the Convergence is a mission to build community in the southwest and beyond. We think globally and act locally to make our world more equitable and enchanted. We endeavor to be result-centric as we build infrastructure, ideas, and relationships that can make a regenerative, co-creative future.”

This years’ event will feature a panel (on Oct 12) about the intersection of astronomy and art. Panelists include three people from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, and the writer of this report, asteroid expert and historian of astronomy Dr. Clifford Cunningham. The panel, entitled Creative Space: Using Science for Progress, will include Joby Harris, who created a now-iconic series of posters envisioning travel to other stars systems as getaway vacations from Earth. (visit his website: Another talk that day by JPL scientist Dr. Josh Fisher will probe The Fate of The Biosphere.

Among the other presentations that day will be one by Aaron Johnson on Reaching for the Heart in Racial Justice Work, followed by the evening keynote At the Edge of People, Places and Programs: Restorative Design by Brandie Mack.

Oct. 13 will kick off with a series of talks on seeds and food safety, with afternoon sessions on such diverse topics as the 3rd Wave of Psychedelics, the Future of Arcosanti and and Co-Creative Sound Healing. In the evening a Full Moonrise Ceremony will be followed by the concluding keynote address by Wendsler Nosie Sr. on the urgent need to Protect Mother Earth.

This and a host of other events can be found on the website. Please consult it for details and tickets:

Location: 13555 S. Cross L Rd. Mayer, AZ 86333

The apse at Arcosanti will host a portion of the Convergence Festival