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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Who the Hell is Melania Knauss?

The old adage that opposites attract does not apply in the case of Donald and Melania Trump. In fact, to allude to another well-known adage, two peas in a...

Forming Humanity

It is 2020 and humanity is dead.  Or perhaps humanity is not dead, but it is lying like an ill-fitting costume in the closet of the 19th century: unused,...

King Charles, Milton, and The Last Judgment

Considering what is happening in the U.S. now, it might be a good time (even for those who are not religious) to read about Satan's Second Coming. The author of...

Trump’s Niece: He Exists in a Dark Space

Mary Trump, niece of Donald, states near the end of her book about the great deceiver that the Republican party's failure to confront his daily corruption has “led to...

Fictions of Certitude

“Quite a long, long time ago, when huge shadows were thrown upon the earth but their sources were unknown and men still wandered in rags upon the earth, there...

In Search of the Soul

I have always believed that the easiest place to lose oneself is inside one’s own head; of course, it’s the only place to find one’s self too.  Or, at...

BRANDO: The Contender

Johnny Depp, being interviewed, shared a story of how Marlon Brando once instructed him never to do three movies in a year: “We only have so many faces”, was...

Nero, Rome and Fire

A fiery volcano that erupted in Alaska in 43 BCE had a significant event on Rome just a year after Julius Caesar was assassinated. In research published late June 2020...

The Secret of the Universe

One would not expect to find the secret of the universe in a mere novel, but if we read correctly a letter written by the novelist Joseph Conrad in...

Scribes of Space

The Archbishop of Seville, Isidore (560-636), established a telescoping set of units, beginning with the largest. He wrote “Our ancestors divided the world into parts. They put parts into...
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Charade or Theatre?

According to the dictionary, a charade is “an absurd pretence intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance.” The opening play at the Rogue...


Civilization is complex, and philosophers often use archetypes like general laws in order to simplify complex realities.  I am not a philosopher, but I...

Poetry in Archaic Greece

When one thinks of Ancient Greece, the mind goes at once to the so-called Classical Period, when Athens flourished, great philosophy was written, and...