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Monday, January 17, 2022

Failures of Philosophy

The world is becoming faster but less well-thought-out.  As such, the western hemisphere of the planet is a hemisphere of men and not of laws (principles); the Covid-19 pandemic,...

The Unification of Science

As the fourth and final volume in Stephen Gaukroger’s series on the Shaping of Modernity, this book has as its overarching theme the unification of the sciences. “The argument that...

The Future of School

Book review by Dr. M. Emanuele, who has been in the educational system of the U.S. in eight states over a period of many years. This book by Jack Schneider...

Territorial Tucson

  Review by Dr. M. Emanuele This book, Historic Tales of Territorial Tucson by David Devine, could have been subtitled “Great Expectations,” even though there was no Miss Havisham. Throughout Tucson’s history...

Visible & Intellectual Beauty

While the title of this book accurately portrays its contents, the word kinaesthesia is one that few people have in their vocabulary. As this may dissuade some readers who...

The Origin of Consciousness

“People who are born idiots will remain idiots, and those who are born brilliant will be idiots by the time they are grown”—so said someone who was once famous...

Menelaus in the Archaic Period

Achilles, Hector, Agamemnon, Odysseus, Menelaus. The first four heroes are recognizable to everyone, but who is Menelaus? Author Anna Stelow has written the first book ever devoted to Menelaus,...

Roman Declamation

A collaboration of 16 authors, this is the third in a trilogy of book on Roman Declamation. The first two, dealing with Quintilian (2016) and Calpurnius Flaccus (2017) were...

Lucretius and the Language of Nature

This book makes the point that Lucretius was a linguistically creative poet. While author Barnaby Taylor does not draw a comparison between Lucretius (94-55 BCE) and Shakespeare, their ability...

World in Danger

Review written by Dr M Emanuele The average citizen who views the barrage of news each day is usually confronted with one or two major stories or crises at a...
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Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo

“Our goal is to be a world-class zoo,” said Reid Park Zoo’s Deborah Carr, director of marketing and events. As she gave the Sun...

World Premiere in Tucson

written by Drs. C. Cunningham & M. Emanuele Gretchen Wirges brought her one-woman show to the Invisible Theatre this week, marking its world premiere. Entitled...

Arizona in Space

A 2-room exhibit at the Arizona History Museum, entitled Ready To Launch, is designed to show Arizona’s place in space. While it has elements of...