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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Mind the Gap: Regional Inequality in America

Review written by Dr. Matt Emanuele The Alec MacGillis book Fulfillment could be subtitled “Return of the Robber Barons.” The old adage ‘what is good for GM is good for...

New Patent issued for potentially life-saving mask

The United States Patent Office has issued a patent to the New Jersey-based inventor William Loughran for a major improvement to surgical and industrial masks. Designed to keep air and...

History and Copper in Tubac

At the heart of Tubac, just an hour south of Tucson, is the Presidio, a state historic park that celebrates Tubac as the first European settlement in Arizona. An...

World in Danger

Review written by Dr M Emanuele The average citizen who views the barrage of news each day is usually confronted with one or two major stories or crises at a...

Men in Kilts: A Romp Through Scotland

The TV show Men in Kilts begins Feb. 14. Having a kilt myself, I’m quite excited about this! Stars of the show are both from the worldwide sensation Outlander: the...

Sign of the Times in Tucson

Think you’ve seen everything in Tucson? Well, head on over to the Ignite Sign Art Museum. There are many rooms to visit here including one where you can have a...

CORONAVIRUS: A Polemical Argument

Written by guest columnist Conlan Salgado: I am sixteen years old; I don’t know much.  There are two ways people who don’t know much are able to learn more: one...


A surgical mask modification, which is patent pending, can potentially save countless lives in the Coronavirus pandemic. This applies first and foremost to the existing N-95 masks used by health...

Arizona Auto Show

The Arizona Auto Show, which opened on Thanksgiving Day at the Phoenix Convention Center, has selections on display ranging from low-priced vehicles under $20,000 all the up to a...

Proposed AZ Mine a Hot Topic at Convergence Conference

A rather remote area 70 miles east of Phoenix is the site of a major battle between a copper mining conglomerate and Native Americans. It was a major topic...
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Space Wars in Tucson

It’s a winning formula: create a musical farce where good is pitted against evil. The Gaslight Theatre in Tucson is currently staging Space Wars,...

Legal Knowledge in ancient Greece & Rome

Courtroom dramas did not begin with Perry Mason. The origins of the legal system used in most Western countries can be traced back to...

Deco Dandies: Frightening Beauty

The Deco dandy has finally got the attention he deserves. While most of the focus on lifestyle and fashion in the 1920s has been...