an N95 particulate respirator and surgical mask

A surgical mask modification, which is patent pending, can potentially save countless lives in the Coronavirus pandemic.

This applies first and foremost to the existing N-95 masks used by health professionals, who are at grave risk from Covid19. Several doctors and nurses have already died from exposure to the virus. On the frontline of defence against Covid19 is a surgical face mask, which, used in conjunction with other personal protective equipment, will enhance the safety of health care workers.

The modification will prevent masks from slipping off, and offer a sealed barrier to protect the wearer. Current N-95 masks do not offer adequate protection against the virus. Another advantage of the modification is keeping glasses worn by the surgeon from fogging.

Shore Manufacturing of New Jersey is urging immediate government action to both use this patent pending invention on future N-95 mask production, and cut through the red tape to approve the patent which has been pending since 2018.

Bring this invention to the attention of the Coronavirus Task Force, state and federal elected officials, the medical community, and the public. Every day of delay will cost the lives of many Americans!

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an N95 particulate respirator and surgical mask