American traitors

The actions of 106 members of the United States House of Representatives today is an attack on America at its core. One of the 126 is Minority Whip Steve Scalise.

They call themselves Republicans. If that is so, the Republican party is now a post-democratic party, and as such inherently incompatible with operating in a democracy.

The least of their action in deliberately asking the Supreme Court to overturn the Presidential Election is the death knell of decency. Sun News agrees with Rep. Bill Pascrell on New Jersey, who has asked the House Speaker to refuse to seat these ‘people’ who scarcely deserve the benefit of being called human.

“Stated simply, the men and women who would act to tear the United States Government apart cannot serve as Members of the Congress,” Pascrell said in a statement. “These lawsuits seeking to obliterate public confidence in our democratic system by invalidating the clear results of the 2020 presidential election undoubtedly attack the text and the spirit of the Constitution, which each Member swears to support and defend,” he added.

The greatest result of their action is to brand themselves as traitors to the country, and to

Steve Scalise, American traitor

the entire Western World.

No one is smiling more broadly tonite than Vladimir Putin.

Partial list of American traitors in the House