Genesis G80 sport

The Arizona Auto Show, which opened on Thanksgiving Day at the Phoenix Convention Center, has selections on display ranging from low-priced vehicles under $20,000 all the up to a Rolls Royce Wraith for around $350,000.

From the hundreds of cars on display, a few were getting a lot of attention. Among these is the Genesis G80 sport. It lists for $55,570. And what are the optional extras that boost the price to near $70,000? One of the main selling points of the car is the lack of a suite of such packages. There is actually just one: the all-wheel drive option is $2500.

This is one of the main reasons that car is especially appealing to women; if fact it won a woman’s choice award. The car is a great compromise that brings together the athletic allegiance of the G70 (a smaller car) and the refinement of the G90 (a larger vehicle). Women says the mid-size handling is a winner, and their male counterparts are also drawn by the sporty aspects, as evident by the guys ogling the car and its stats in the lead photo.

The Toyota concept car

Even though it’s not for sale, I can’t resist showing here the Toyota Supra 300GT, a concept car inspired by the 1994 TRD 3000GT Supra, which was sold only in Japan. Its brushed silver wrap, which got oohs and aahs from both men and women, has a Delorean vibe, but the triangular vents cut into its stock hood. This and its gold accents and black roof are a riff off the old JDM model.

The Escape by Ford

From Ford comes the 2020 Escape, featuring new architecture and more interior space. It is available as a 500-mile hybrid with a battery; in April a plugin hybrid will be available with 30 miles available just from the battery. This is the only Ford that has a fully heads-up display. The standard hybrid lists for $34,900.


The new Corvette

And one can’t fail to mention what many believed to be the star of the show, the new Corvette. Only two of these new model cars, with a starting price of $67,000, are making the rounds on national auto shows. Once a few become available, individual Chevy dealers will have the car on loan for just a day to show prospective buyers. So the only way to see it for a while is at the Arizona National Auto Show.

It runs through Dec. 1, 2019, so make the drive to Phoenix this weekend to see your next car.

Photos by C. Cunningham

Genesis G80 sport