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In this very personal look at the Roman god Jupiter, King of the Gods, Baylor University professor Julia Dyson Hejduk has given us in her new book the first...

Poetry Experiences a Resurrection

I do not like modern poetry; mostly because it is modern, but secondarily because it is not poetry (modern means after TS Eliot).  Therefore, whenever I read poetry, or...

Elderhood: a guide to Life

Are old people useless? Author Louise Aronson doesn't think so, which is why she has written this book on elderhood. Here is one way she sees old people are engaged:...

New Perspectives on Virgil

The topic of this book by 13 collaborating Classics scholars is a text by the ancient Roman poet Virgil. It is not, however, about his most famous work, the...

Scribes of Space

The Archbishop of Seville, Isidore (560-636), established a telescoping set of units, beginning with the largest. He wrote “Our ancestors divided the world into parts. They put parts into...

The Great Rift: Science and Religion

This book explores the process by which a great rift has opened up between the realms of science and religion. It is not a polemic against the failure of...

Detroit: BROKE

Book review by Dr M. Emanuele The title of this book about the city of Detroit – Broke – has two connotations. Either not working, or not having any money/assets. Detroit...

Trump’s Niece: He Exists in a Dark Space

Mary Trump, niece of Donald, states near the end of her book about the great deceiver that the Republican party's failure to confront his daily corruption has “led to...

King Charles, Milton, and The Last Judgment

Considering what is happening in the U.S. now, it might be a good time (even for those who are not religious) to read about Satan's Second Coming. The author of...

Soviet Cinema

Having just watched the Soviet science fiction classic Solaris, from 1972, I was wondering what insights Annette Michelson might have been able to offer the world about this deeply...
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Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo

“Our goal is to be a world-class zoo,” said Reid Park Zoo’s Deborah Carr, director of marketing and events. As she gave the Sun...

World Premiere in Tucson

written by Drs. C. Cunningham & M. Emanuele Gretchen Wirges brought her one-woman show to the Invisible Theatre this week, marking its world premiere. Entitled...

Arizona in Space

A 2-room exhibit at the Arizona History Museum, entitled Ready To Launch, is designed to show Arizona’s place in space. While it has elements of...