As we bid farewell to the fucking piece of traitorous shit who has defiled the White House for the past 4 years, let us look at what he promised versus what he delivered, and the actual policies he actually implemented.

But first, let us remind ourselves that he has been Impeached TWICE, he lost the Popular Vote TWICE, and he either lied to or misled the American people a grand total of 30,534 times. This total will surely increase before noon on January 20. The percentage of people who say they are proud to be American has fallen from 81% to 63% during this presidency. I used to think a Distortion Field was something an evil mind from the 24th century might create in a Star Trek movie, but it turns out none of us had to wait three centuries for it after all. The result was some 70 million brainwashed citizens. Putin is very proud of his boy!

Here are promises he made in his first and only Inaugural address, Jan 2017:

“We will bring back our jobs” The Unemployment rate then was 4.7%, now it is 6.7%

“We will get our people off welfare” Those who filed unemployment benefits was 2.49 million then; in the latest figures, it is 5.2 million.

“We will bring back our wealth” The national debt increased $7 trillion as a result of his business acumen, and the Deficit increased from $585 billion to $3.1 trillion!

“We will build new roads, tunnels, airports and railways” He never built any of it. Not one mile of road or railway, not one airport, not one tunnel.

“We will make America safe again” Hate crimes rose from 6,121 in 2016 to 7,314 in 2019.


Here is a list of his Accomplishments:

  1. Obamacare: He did not repeal it as promised, and in fact accidentally bolstered it by boosting funding for Obamacare. When the health exchanges did not collapse as he hoped, they found ways to claw back the federal dollars they lost. Government subsidies of the exchanges now top $20 billion. Verdict: Embarrassing failure.
  2. North Korea: After all those hugs and love letters, the leader of North Korea recently identified the U.S. as his greatest enemy. Kim is now building his first nuclear submarine to menace the U.S. Verdict: Potentially catastrophic failure.
  3. Coronavirus: With the utter lack of a national plan, and a total lack of empathy (which one would expect from a sociopath), he ensured the U.S. now has registered more deaths than any other country: 400,000. I wonder who would benefit most from a deliberate mismanagement of the virus epidemic, including politicising the use of masks (where or not you think they are medically effective, being a separate issue)? Who would benefit most from a high death toll here, thus weakening the country further? Perhaps America’s greatest foe, Putin? Verdict: The World Court should arrest him on a charge of Genocide.
  4. Congressional Oversight: The Administration shut down any form of Congressional oversight in an attempt to destabilise the separation of powers, thus paving the way for a total Dictatorship. Verdict: Un-American.
  5. Loan Forgiveness for Students: He dismantled Obama-era policies that curbed abuses of for-profit colleges. Verdict: Disgraceful attack on America’s youth.
  6. Poverty: He shrunk the food safety net by $60 billion, denying food aid to 750,000 Americans. Hey, if your not rich, why should we care about you? Better to starve. Verdict: Human rights violation.
  7. Overtime pay: Million of workers lost access to extra pay for long hours. For someone who promotes the values of the Confederacy, it is not surprising. After all, the working class are only slaves, right? Verdict: Putin wins again.
  8. Greenhouse gases: He loosened standards as to how much methane could be allowed to leak out of pipelines, storage tanks and other oil-field infrastructure. Even the oil and gas companies opposed it. He also did everything possible to end curbs on auto emissions, and blew up a bipartisan deal to regulate toxic chemicals. Verdict: Environmental arson is a violation of the Presidential oath of office to “protect”.
  9. Science: He quashed scientific research funded by government dollars, and muzzled the ability of scientists to communicate their research to the public. Verdict: Crime against the future of humanity.
  10. Sexual harassment: He rescinded rules protecting workers at federal contractors. Verdict: What else would you expect from a sexual predator?
  11. Immigration: For all the promises to build a wall along the Mexican border, he only built 40 new miles of wall. And guess who paid for it? Hint: It was not Mexico, as he promised. His only big crackdown was on legal, not illegal, immigrants. Verdict: Pathetic failure.
  12. The Law: The law and order President has already been Impeached for inciting his supporters to attack the Capitol and murder people. We could go on about how he has suborned the Justice Department and appointed totally incompetent lackeys to the court system. We could also talk about subverting the use of the Pardon power, and disgracing the Medal of Freedom by giving it to those Cultists who worship the Dictator – the same ones who want to end Democracy. But why go on? Verdict: Treason

As we say farewell to him, the rest of his Crime Family, and his wife, the most useless, disengaged and irrelevant First Lady ever (will she take her Christmas ornaments with her?) we have this parting heartfelt wish: Burn in Hell FOREVER.