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A Classical Blood Transfusion

How the classical writings of ancient Greece and Rome were infused into Renaissance thought is the topic of this eminently fascinating book, edited by Syrithe Pugh at the University...

Nietzsche and I go to the twilight

Please respond with a faith-filled “I do”. Do you reject the academy? I do And all of its works? I do And all of its empty promises? I do Excellent then. We can...

The Human and the Divine

Can a human become an immortal, like the gods? Or is it too dangerous to even try? The relationship between the human and the divine in Greek poetry is the...

Friendship in 18th Century France

As the author of this book tells us, “friendship was a hot topic during the Enlightenment.” Professor Jessica Fripp notes the formal definition of friendship in France, as given...

Hesiod and Pandora’s Box

Those who enjoy etymology will revel in this deeply insightful book on the ancient Greek poet Hesiod. By ancient, I mean really ancient. For those not familiar with Greek...

A Chinese Classic

I’ve always wondered why it is that modern scholars feel more certain that they know the truth about an historical event the farther away they get from it. Something...

Ray Bradbury: Beyond Apollo

In preparation for reviewing this book, the third in a trilogy, I read the first two books. A total of some 900 pages on Ray Bradbury, whom I met...

The Map of Knowledge

Whole books have been written about De rerum natura, a long poem written by Lucretius  (99-55 BCE). Its intended audience were Romans, who wanted to learn about the Greek...

The English Civil War

This book on the cultural remains of the English Civil War has many strengths and a notable weakness. The text is by Dr. Stephen Bann, emeritus professor of History of...

Ancient Cities

Thucydides, pondering the early days of Greece, suggested that in the past everyone lived as barbarians did in his day. He and other writers “shared an underlying assumption that...
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Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo

“Our goal is to be a world-class zoo,” said Reid Park Zoo’s Deborah Carr, director of marketing and events. As she gave the Sun...

World Premiere in Tucson

written by Drs. C. Cunningham & M. Emanuele Gretchen Wirges brought her one-woman show to the Invisible Theatre this week, marking its world premiere. Entitled...

Arizona in Space

A 2-room exhibit at the Arizona History Museum, entitled Ready To Launch, is designed to show Arizona’s place in space. While it has elements of...