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Monday, March 1, 2021

President Truman and the Cold War

Judging by the cover of Joe Scarborough’s book, one would assume this is primarily about President Harry Truman. But the old adage “one cannot judge a book by its...

A History of Vampires

Before I read classic horror stories and watched vampire movies, when I was a mere ten years old, a silly girl from my sister’s scouting troop came up to...

Ted Cruz & The Supreme Court

As I have said before on this website, Shakespeare was right on everything about which he spoke, and he offered innumerable principles of wisdom for bettering the world.  The...

Ash Carter and the Pentagon

To most Americans, the inner workings of the Defense Department/Pentagon is a conundrum, or at the very least a mystery. Its complexity and massive scope with far-reaching tentacles is...

TRAITOR: from Benedict Arnold to now

The well-worn phrase “history repeats itself” is manifested over and over in David Rothkopf’s book, TRAITOR. Time and again the country has been riven with political polarization, deep and...

Crystals: The Breath of the White Dragon

With the world-renowned Tucson Gem and Mineral Show for 2021 cancelled, one of the finest opportunities to buy extraordinary crystals in person has evaporated until 2022. However, for those...

The Lake of Memory

“From the vantage point of remembrance, memory is the essential mode for carrying forward the common sense of ordinary people filtered through immemorial tradition.” Of all the hundreds of thousands...

Soviet Cinema

Having just watched the Soviet science fiction classic Solaris, from 1972, I was wondering what insights Annette Michelson might have been able to offer the world about this deeply...

How Technology Transforms Ethics

This book review is by Dr. M. Emanuele The unoriginal premise of this book is that the mores and ethics of society change and evolve over time due to scientific...

An Investigation of the Poetic Form

I hate the Academy. It seems full of myopic, well-read idiots who think that having a PhD after their names make them of a superior race. To my chagrin,...
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A Critique of Modern Music

Whenever I wonder how to interpret reality, I always begin by referring to Shakespeare. As his wisdom was above even the gods, the Shakespearean...

World in Danger

Review written by Dr M Emanuele The average citizen who views the barrage of news each day is usually confronted with one or two major...

A Classical Blood Transfusion

How the classical writings of ancient Greece and Rome were infused into Renaissance thought is the topic of this eminently fascinating book, edited by...