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Monday, March 1, 2021

Angels Fall

What better place to see fallen angels than a chapel? The Saint Francis Chapel in Tucson is now hosting its first play, Angels Fall, which actually takes place in...

Dr. Ruth: Love Your Penis

At age 91 Dr. Ruth is still feisty. When I met her in 2014, she was appearing at a special performance of a play written about her life, Becoming...

The Lightness of Being

Unlike a famous novel of 1984, the lightness of being is not unbearable. Not, that is, for The Light Princess, who is sublimely uncaring about her inability to have...

A Parable on Apartheid?

Audience reaction to the play Master Harold and the Boys is more divergent than almost any play I have reviewed. This is a three-person play, ostensibly about apartheid in...

The ‘Invisible’ Race Riot of 1969

This is a play that poignantly describes race relation in the United States, a topic that has dominated American life for more than 150 years. Like Middle East peace,...

A Murder Mystery in Tucson

Combine Agatha Christie with Fawlty Towers and Blackadder and what do you get? This most English of comedies: The Play That Goes Wrong. It began at London's veritable Apollo Theatre...

The Norwegians

The 2013 play by C. Denby Swansen, The Norwegians, has arrived in Tucson. Should you care? In a word, yes. If you want to laugh pretty much non-stop for...

Showdown in Tucson

Having just visited Tombstone last month, I was already in the mood for a good old-fashioned western. The Gaslight Theatre obliged by putting on a production entitled Showdown in...

Obsession and Fate: Moby Dick

At the outset patrons are treated to live music, and then a rendition by the cast of the old shanty tune It's Time For Us to Leave Her. Having...

Christmas Break is Over!

With the passing of yesterday (Jan. 7, 2020), Christmas is truly over. For those who missed it, Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas according to the Julian calendar established by Julius...
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